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Modern, high-resolution recording equipment coupled with over 50 years of combined industry experience make Original Video the obvious choice for video production in Edmonton.


hen it comes to video production in Edmonton, Original Videos believes in providing the highest quality service, expertise and equipment available. We fuse the latest recording equipment and production techniques with a talented and experienced team. The result? Consistently beautiful and high-quality videos that both inform and entertain.

From screenwriting to filming and editing to 3D animations and graphics, our team has the skills you need to make your videos come alive. With an award-winning staff of professionals, a strong list of repeat clients, and over 50-years of combined experience, Original Video produces corporate stories, industrial training, and even broadcast quality commercials. Plus, our professional on-location services across Alberta, Canada, and even in international markets have earned us a reputation as one of the leading names in video production in Edmonton.

Concept development
Your video production starts with our creative team developing the project objectives and composing several unique production options. After considering all the options we present the client with our vision for evaluation and discussion
Once concept development is complete we jump straight into script development where one of our award winning writers brings the concept to life. Here we will design your video production in terms of narrative content, graphic design, visual style and music suggestions.
HD Filming
Once pre production is finished the real magic begins. Original Video is stocked with state of the art filming equipment and as well as equipment designed to increase the production value of your video project, such as jibs, dollies, steadicams, which provide more options for story telling and visual effects
Drone Videography
If it’s determined throughout the creative process that your video production can benefit from aerial videography, Original Video has you covered. With state of the art drones and certified operators at our disposal we can get those highly desirable aerial shots for a fraction of what it use to cost in the past
Always on the cutting edge of technology, Original Video runs an up to date Avid Media Composer edit suite along with a recording studio set up for narrations and original music production. It is here where all the pre-production and production comes together, weaving together the visuals seamlessly and bring the concept development to life.
Illustration and digital graphic production
We can compliment your video production with any type of digital graphic enhancements, from custom lower thirds to slates and intro/extro graphics.
Motion graphics and 3D animation
Adding motion graphics and/or 3D animation to your project can significantly increase your video production value. Here at Original Video we can create custom 2D and 3D animations for any project.
Duplication and packaging in every format.
Once your project is finished Original Video can package it and deliver in any and every format from online digital formats to hard copy formats like Blu-ray or DVD.

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