Original Commercials and PSAs

A slow spinning camera lets the viewers eyes glide over the curves of a luxury vehicle. Playful pencil scratches sketch out black and white backgrounds for colourful characters to play on. A hockey player sends pucks whizzing at the camera in support of Alzheimers research. These are just a few examples of the compelling, broadcast-quality commercials our videographer in Edmonton is proud to have produced. Using state of the art equipment including a T portable camera jib and track and dolly system to provide dynamic motion for any shot, we have the creativity and the equipment required to capture the perfect shot to showcase your service, showroom or product, and all at competitive, affordable prices. Plus, if you’re on a short deadline or concerned about turnaround times, our professional videographer in Edmonton can fast track your commercial without sacrificing quality.

It’s not just equipment that makes quality commercials and PSAs come to life, though. Original Video features a full suite of production services, including copywriting, storyboarding, editing and even 3D animation. It takes a team of professionals, including an award-winning videographer. Edmonton is a vibrant, diverse city full of innovation and creativity. Let us help capture yours. Contact Original Video about your commercial today.

Documentaries and TV Programs

Big stories deserve big audiences. That’s why Original Video’s passionate videographer in Edmonton brings a dedicated intensity to every documentary or TV program he works on. Whether it’s a national documentary or a PBS to “how-to” program, Original Video has worked hard to give these specialized stories the attention they deserve.

Commercial Productions