oving machinery. Fall hazards. Explosive chemicals and noxious vapours. These are just a few of the many safety concerns that Alberta industry faces every day. Each one comes with it’s own challenges, especially when it comes to recording video. When it comes to video production in Edmonton and across the province, especially in industrial and manufacturing environments, safety and experience are paramount.

At Original Video, our extensive experience working with video production in Edmonton includes safely shooting video for industrial and manufacturing clients across North America. We’ve encountered virtually every industrial shooting scenario possible. What’s more, these experiences have translated into direct understanding of unique logistical issues of shooting in enclosed spaces or around heavy equipment in industrial sites. This means we can shoot industrial videos safely and reliably, working closely with our client to understand important issues that may affect their project, including:

International Distribution and Training Video Production in Edmonton

Developing videos for an international audience is often a key concern for industrial clients looking to maximize the value of their videos in different regions. That’s why Original Video approaches every aspect of the production process with this goal in mind. From scripting to shooting to post-production, we are always focused on ensuring processes are accurately represented and information is clearly, visually communicated and easily understood.

Industrial Productions