ith two awards to our name from the International Association of Business Communicators, including their top honour, the Award of Excellence, Original Video has become a leader in corporate video production in Edmonton. Fusing creativity with professionalism, Original Video’s creates dynamic, memorable videos for all corporate audiences. From promotional videos for clients and investors to instructional videos for employees (and everything in between), Original Video video has worked with clients in virtually every major sector. Whether you operate in real estate, healthcare, product marketing, oil and gas, education, agriculture, or major government departments and organizations, our corporate video production in Edmonton can help ensure your message makes its way to the your target audience.


Promote your business to clients, investors, and other stakeholders with a provocative and compelling promotional video. Our Edmonton corporate video production team can find the unique angle and approach to your marketing and communications objectives to produce compelling videos that deliver your messaging effectively and memorably. We’ve distributed over a thousand promotional videos worldwide, targeting businesses, major industry decision makers, and even governments with compelling and creative promotional videos.

Training & Instructional

Video training can be one of the most effective means of transmitting important knowledge. By providing visual demonstrations as well as step-by-step instructions, video training can help support virtually all learning styles. Whether you’re training an employee in a new process, demonstrating a product or service, or providing critical safety orientation information for industry, a powerful and memorable training or instructional video is a must. Original Video’s corporate video production in Edmonton has experience in all of these areas, using a balanced mix of visual learning, text and graphics, and verbal instruction to create balanced videos suitable for a variety of learning styles.


Honouring valued members of an organization who have made outstanding contributions in their field is an important part of many businesses. Often produced in the same style as a documentary, tribute videos are a fixture of annual general meetings and other special events. Original Video is proud to have had the opportunity to help many organizations celebrate a diverse array of people from all walks of life.

Corporate Productions